Trunmp’s Immigrant Ban Includes Green Card Holders

Trunmp’s Immigrant Ban Includes Green Card Holders

Donald Trump has wasted no time in going to work on fulfilling his campaign promises, including those that have generated the most controversy. His policy initiatives on immigration and the presence of illegal aliens in the US would fall into that category. This strikes close to the heart of Democratic leadership since these illegals are reliable source of new voters for the Democratic Party.

Even though uncontrolled immigration virtually invites terrorists to enter the country along with those who want the benefits of living in the US, leftists have been intransigent in their support for open borders. Either they do not care about the danger open borders present, or their goals of pouring immigrants into our nation supersede any danger they might present.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is slamming the door on uncontrolled immigration, partly through his order to begin the border wall, and partly thorough executive orders directing the enforcement of existing laws. More on page two.

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