Trump’s Call For A Ban Muslim Immigration

Trump’s Call For A Ban Muslim Immigration

GOP frontrunner for the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump, has shown himself to be a master at publicity and self-promotion, often without having to spend money to achieve a dramatic response from the public. While his proclamations are often inflammatory, they also seem to connect with the public and reflect what the average man is thinking.

He began his campaign focusing on illegal immigration and stating clearly that everyone coming into the country must come legally, and those in the country without proper documents must leave. That position seems logical, but the Democrat party is outraged because it threatens their large future voter pool, and establishment Republicans such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and big business are unhappy because it would limit their source of cheap, illegal labor that they have come to depend on.

For middle and lower middle class workers, however, it makes sense because they have seen the impact these illegals have edging them out of the labor market and changing the general makeup of society. And for many it is a simple question of whether we are a nation of laws, or not. For most logical thinkers, the rule of law is what maintains a just and orderly society.

Trump has now issued a new press release, and it has the political and news reporting world on fire. It has even caused the mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, Rick Kriseman, to declare that Trump is banned from the city because of his views on Muslim immigrants and what should be done about them.

The irony of Kriseman's position was apparently lost on the mayor. Trump's view, however, is registering with many people, and his ratings continue to lead the pack by a wide margin, which says that most politicians, including the other Republican presidential hopefuls, are out of touch with the feelings of the American public.

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