Trump Sees Thousands Upon Thousands at Campaign Rally, Clinton Only Hundreds

Donald Trump may be neck and neck with Hillary nationally, but he is blowing her out of the water on the ground. While Hillary continues to hold her rallies in ballrooms across the country, her venues could hold just a fraction of what Trump requires to hold an event.

The large crowds of energetic supporters at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have continued to make headlines, but one new photo captures the fever pitch of Trump’s popularity perfectly.

Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson tweeted the photo of Trump’s campaign rally at Lowell, Mass., Monday night, which the Post later called ‘absolutely mind-boggling.’

Endless lines stretched into the frigid cold to get into the Trump rally. Trump was interrupted multiple times by protesters but his supporters chanted “U.S.A” and “Trump” as security and police escorted them out.

Meanwhile, Hillary's concurrent event in Iowa didn't have near the turnout Trump's rally managed:

Campaign estimates 600 people at Hillary's rally in Des Moines tonight. [email protected]

While Hillary continues to feign glee that her general election foe would be Donald Trump, these figures ought to show them that Trump would really be a serious threat for Hillary Clinton.

Source: Daily Caller



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