Trump Supporters Demand Seattle’s Lenin Monument be Removed

Trump supporters have been closely monitoring the goings on regarding the Charlottesville Drama Of The Hour (DOTH) and have also been seeing that the frenzy over Confederacy monuments has now reached a fever pitch.  The Leftists have been lumping more than just the Confederate monuments into their outrage.

As has been seen throughout history, outrage (especially selective outrage) ends up becoming very broad and sweeping once…and this is key…once those outraged are assuaged and coddled.  Outrage is healthy.  Outrage is logical.  But only so when it is applied to a truly heinous situation.  When it becomes an everyday affair and outrage is seen through the lens of a person who cannot even manage to sit through a Ben Shapiro University Q&A without wanting to put him in the morgue, outrage becomes meaningless and powerless.

Outrage must be genuine and it must hold logic.  If an argument to the contrary supersedes it through a more profound angle or set of facts, then by normal sociological standards, the outrage should end.

These Trump supporters completely understand this whole argument and that is why they've come up with a counter-argument, perhaps more tongue-in-cheek, but that which mirrors the Leftist faux-outrage.  These Trump supporters are calling for the Vladimir Lenin Monument in Seattle to be destroyed.

If you manage to get through this video, you will see at the 16:26-minute mark of the video, an older Russian couple who are defending the Lenin statue being in that location.  Their reasoning behind it is that they feel it was brought there as a satirical view of having the statue removed from its location in Russia and now residing in the United States, a place that he abhorred.

Prosobiec explains how he feels it is not funny or satirical and that his parents who were from Poland lived through the oppression of Marxism.  He asked if they would think the same way if it was a statue of Hitler.  Both of them, in order to prove their argument, said “yes,” they would think the same.

Another Liberal woman claiming to be Native American also had a problem and stated that everyone in the city liked the statue where it was.  When he questioned that and explained that they talked to a few people already who lived there who agreed that the statue should be removed, she bristled and then asked about the Trail of Tears.  He responded with, “Yes, let's talk about the Democrat Party and the racist policies of Andrew Jackson.”  She was not happy and asked why everything had to be about Liberals.  Then she claimed that Trump and Pence were rounding up gays and persecuting them.  It's a laughable exchange.

The point here, though, is these Trump supporters (who will NEVER get a second of airtime on any of the FNIC) were doing this as a counter-argument to the ridiculous protests and the faux-outrage that's happening all over the country right now.  This coordinated effort by the Leftists is coming ultimately from one source and the marching orders have been given and followed obediently.

My guess is that $5.3M mansion two miles down the road from the White House.  The Department of Shadowy Endeavors (DSE) and its Supreme Leader.



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