On Trump ‘Shutting Down’ The Internet

When Donald Trump said he would close down parts of the ‘net to terrorists and places cozy with terrorists, his critics began acting like he said he was going to attempt something ridiculous to Al Gore's invention.

From Breitbart:

If you are a moron, you could interpret Donald Trump’s statements in the GOP debate tonight to mean he wants to start shutting down specific websites or services on the internet. He clarified later that he was talking about geography: limiting access to, say, Syria or wherever Islamic State is operating from.

And this:

So you see, “shutting down” parts of the internet isn’t as bonkers as it first sounds. Although it requires more technical literacy than most commentators possess to understand what kind of software solutions are available and would be effective in the fight against Islamic State, that doesn’t mean Donald Trump is wrong.

But, as a nuclear option to knock out the internet connectivity of, say, a rogue terrorist state, it works just fine. Whether or not Trump wins the election, the next President of the United States should use it.

Donald Trump made a statement that should have been obvious to everyone. Unfortunately, the leadership of this nation cannot try new things nor can they understand how things like the internet can used as more than a tool to spam fundraising emails to you followers.

Source: Breitbart.com



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