Trump Release of Bin Laden Documents Reveals Obama Collusion and Incompetence

It is 2011 and the race for president between Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama is the talk of the press.  In a dishonest effort to cover up any mistakes, missteps, or misstatements by the president, the Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC) is constantly, day after day, attacking the Republican candidate with stories from his past, present and future and even going so far as to shamefully telegraph to the world Harry Reid’s deceitful claim that his friend told him that Romney failed to pay his taxes.

The Left even went so far as to allow one of their own moderators to bail out the president in a scathing back-and-forth between Candy Alt Crowley and Romney where she literally committed to an untruth on behalf of Obama in order to shore him up after a very poor debate performance where he was literally walked all over by the former governor.

At the time of his second anointment, Obama was spoon-feeding the public through his FNIC mouthpiece the oft-repeated lies of:

  1. Al-Qaeda was “on the run,” “decimated,” and “on the path to defeat”
  2. Benghazi was a protest over a video gone bad
  3. ISIS was just a “junior varsity team”

Through all of this, the FNIC ensured that no matter what, no ill word would ever be spoken of their Savior.  And finally, when it came time to reveal the huge treasure trove of documents that were recovered from Abbottabad raid on the Osama bin Laden complex in Pakistan, the administration released a whopping 17 documents…out of 470,000!

Turn to the next page to read about the newest release by the Trump administration of the entire cache of 470K documents and how the FNIC and the corrupt intelligence community colluded to keep the documents buried in order to get Obama reelected, and inevitably, to allow a dirty, shady Iran Nuclear Deal to be cleared for Obama’s decree!




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