Trump: Obama is the Founder of ISIS

“Obama is the MVP for ISIS,” Trump said to Hugh Hewitt on his radio show.  Trump offered his opinion  that the way in which Obama pulled us out of Iraq created ISIS.

There is also the evidence that Obama ignored the Joint Chiefs of Staff who time and again warned him that his Syria policy would result in ISIS taking over.  Perhaps that is what he wanted?

As it turns out, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have repeatedly explained to Obama that if Assad falls, ISIS will take over Syria, but he flatly refuses to accept this, pressing ahead with his insistent line that “Assad must go.” In despair, the JCS resolved to share information about the group with countries like Germany, Israel, and Russia, who passed it along to the Syrian army.

“We are at war with Islamic extremists, and Obama cannot even bring himself to use terrorist and Islam in the same sentence. Nevertheless, ISIS and other Islamic groups have called for the the destruction of Israel, American and the West unless they convert to Islam. Obama has been absolutely miserly in providing resources to destroy this enemy of America, and insistent that bombing runs drop warning leaflets on ISIS targets before unleashing actual bombs sufficient to turn the tide.”

In all these things, it does appear that ISIS' biggest fan, if not the MVP, is Obama.  His unwillingness to adhere to those who have America's best interest in mind, who are knowledgeable in military responses  shows where his allegiance lies.

Also, by placing Rob Malley as the ISIS Czar regardless of his ties to Hamas, helps build the case against Obama.

Ultimately, Trump stated in a Tweet that his remark was sarcasm:



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