Trump: Obama Could Have ‘Evil Intentions’ Regarding Syrian Refugees

Trump: Obama Could Have ‘Evil Intentions’ Regarding Syrian Refugees

As President Obama continues the point fingers at Republicans for his failed policies and his apparent lack of remorse or caution after the attacks in Paris, many are beginning to see a side of him that's leaving them wondering if he's stupid or evil.

The question comes as President Obama continues to move forward with his plans of allowing Syrian refugees into America.

It's difficult to do that when nobody holds them accountable. Earlier this week, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump slammed the president, saying that he has no idea of the threat posed by the Syrian refugees now entering America.

While the president continues to sell this move as an act of humanitarianism, the rest of the country knows better. And the fact that he's continuing to push this despite the apparent dangers is pushing the argument of evil versus stupidity in one direction.

It all makes sense if you consider his strong support of Islam, his hatred of christianity and the fact that everything he's done has slowly dismantled some amount of freedom.

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