Trump: Obama Could Have ‘Evil Intentions’ Regarding Syrian Refugees

At the recent G-20 meeting in Turkey, President Obama not only refused to admit that Islam is a problem, but he's still trying to convince people that he's not responsible for creating ISIS. Not only is he responsible for creating ISIS, but in a way, he's responsible for the refugee crisis that's allowed attacks like the ones in Paris. With Donald Trump calling attention to this potential evil that is our country's leadership, hopefully people will finally start to connecting the dots.

This isn’t a question of refugees. This is a question of safety for our people for our country. This is a question of Trojan horse. This could be the ultimate Trojan horse where people are coming in under the guise that we are taking care of them and they end up blowing up big parts of our cities.

“He doesn’t seem to be in any rush,” Trump said about Obama following the attack in Paris. “It just doesn’t seem important to him. It’s an incredible thing.”

“They’re going to be coming here next,” Trump warned. “They see the level of leadership we have and they’re probably thinking about things they never thought of before,” adding, “It’s very sad to watch.”

Trump said when Obama spoke at the G-20 meeting in Turkey, he looked like “an angry man” and “looked like he was lost.”

The truth is, you don't have to look far to find the considerable evil in some of President Obama's deeds. And as the 2016 elections approach, you can expect to see a rise in the careless actions of our fearless leader and his liberal wolves.




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