Trump Invited To Visit Muslim MP’s District Where Christians Are Beaten as Parliment Discusses Banning Him

This invitation comes during a debate in Parliament, as to whether Trump should be banned from Britain over his statement that perhaps Muslims should be”temporarily barred from entering the United States until the country could in his words, “figure out what’s going on.”

The trouble with this invitation is that area is known for attacks – even with his great security detail, if his visit would become well-known it could still pose a great threat to the candidate.  The past weekend, a “20-year-old soldier had been discovered “robbed and beaten” in Sackville Street in the heart of Ms. Shah’s constituency.”  The soldier was leaving a bar, late at night to catch a taxi and was assaulted, causing him to end up in the hospital.

Attacks in Bradford are not uncommon, and even attacks which fuel Trump’s statements that the UK has “no-go zones” have occurred as recently as November.

Breitbart London reported a terrifying attack on a man in Bradford who was viciously beaten by Muslim men with pickaxes for the “crime” of converting to Christianity from Islam. 

Nissar Hussain, a 49 year old father-of-six, was attacked outside his home by multiple hooded men and was taken to the very same Bradford Royal Infirmary as the young soldier attacked on Saturday. Hussain remarked that members of the large Bradford Muslim population, “call us scum and treat us like second class citizens.” 

One commentator from the UK on this story reads:

Dear Mr Trump,

Please come to the UK. Your candidacy can do more good for our public discourse than perhaps you know. We are in desperate need of a reality-check. Come and pour scorn on our elite, our superiors, our hate-preachers and bigots, the establishment and the special-interest groups. Come and denounce cultural marxism and help point the finger to every facet of public life which has adopted it, from the climate-change brigade to the RSPCA. Show us what alternative there is, lead us to the point of a truly open debate, honest in intentions and free from dismissive ridicule. Trounce the naysayers and inward looking, small, narrow-minded socialists. Come and stand for something, remind our people what freedom means, how liberty works, what strength and conviction can do and above all – help us restore public trust in ourselves, our traditions, our ebbing culture and our own history. We were a great people once – we helped create the USA.

With respect, admiration and hope,

Source: Breitbart





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