Trump Ignores Clinton Dead Pool: I will Prosecute Hillary as President

What is already known is that Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bill have a bloody trail of 46 people who have crossed into the Clinton's line of fire for whatever reason. In the middle of her atrocious presidential campaign the most crippling thing to it would be a Republican Presidential front-runner blatantly calling her out on the injustice of the criminal activities she has committed.

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But the most interesting thing is that, in the video below, Trump explains how this is the most important race of Hillary's life after making it clear that he would go after her if he is to be elected. Trump says that right now she has people protecting her, but her time is running out. In which Hannity responds that he would not be surprised if Obama pardoned Hillary before he left office.

Obama himself has experienced bad publicity on Trump's behalf with the whole birth certificate ordeal. As Trump jumps on Hillary's case with justifiable reasoning, Hannity‘s claim could be so, or even worse in Trump's case as both President Obama, and Hillary can face insurmountable amounts of scrutiny from Trump's investigations if he gains office.

By the looks of it Trump has bestowed himself as the man for the job, hoping to bring some justice to America from the incomprehensible unfair corruption encompassing the Government today. But being on the wrong side of two politically murderous powers must be held with much precaution on Trump's end. The only hope is that Trump doesn't get whacked before the end of the presidential race.

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