What Trump Would Do To Hillary as President

Unlike Clinton, whose statements on the issue have changed over time, Trump has consistently emphasized that laws were broken through Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

“She committed a crime,” the Republican presidential candidate said in August.

“The fact is that what she has done is criminal,” he said in July.

On Monday, Clinton was confronted by NBC’s Savannah Guthrie over the scandal.

During the Today show, Guthrie reminded Clinton that the Democratic presidential candidate had accused Republicans of blowing the scandal out of proportion, while also offering varying levels of apology.

Source: Western Journalism

“Which is it?” Guthrie pointedly asked. “If you’re blaming the Republicans, some might wonder how genuine is that apology?”
Clinton’s response proved typically evasive.

“Well, actually it’s both,” Clinton said. “I mean, I’m sorry that I made a choice that has resulted in this kind of situation, and I’ve said I’ve made a mistake. Obviously if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t. It was allowed and everybody has confirmed that. But it’s also, as we now know very clearly, the way that the Republicans are trying to bring my– as they admit– poll numbers down.”

Translation: I’m only sorry I got caught. This is messing up my coronation as Queen. Yes, she admits she made a mistake…lots of mistakes. But, she is not willing to take the consequences of her actions. She believes she has both a “Get Out of Jail Free” card and one that says “Advance to Go and collect the White House.” If Ed Snowden came back to the U.S. he would be in jail forever. Hillary has done far worse than Snowden to damage the nation.

Last week, a confident Trump said that if he is elected, the investigation into Clinton’s emails would continue.

“What will be interesting is if a Republican gets in — and ultimately it’s going to be Trump — if a Republican gets in. You know, you have a six year statute of limitation on this,” Trump said. “Would they go after her because then you would have somebody who would be actually very fair, that they’d look at it fairly? And would that happen? She may very well have to win the presidency, because she may have bigger problems if she doesn’t.”

Trump said a Democratic administration would protect Clinton.
The current Dems certainly protect her.

“I think they probably won’t indict her,” Trump said. “And it’s very unfair to Gen. (David) Petraeus and other people who have been indicted for far less than what she’s done.”





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