Trump: Hillary Has Killed 100s of Thousands of People

Trump: Hillary Has Killed 100s of Thousands of People

Donald Trump is an acquired taste. He is bombastic, egotistical, and outrageous, yes. But one of the most exciting, heartening things about Trump is he eschews political correctness and says exactly what is on his mind.

And for a public exhausted from seeing politicians who typically speak nuanced, camouflaged nonsense, it is absolutely refreshing that Trump says what’s on his mind, without hiding behind phony expressions and bland platitudes.

After the murders committed by a husband and wife Islamic terror team in San Bernardino, Obama and virtually every other politician who has anything on the line talked about not making generalizations or suggesting that Islam had anything to do with the atrocity committed by Muslim killers.

It is like Alice in Wonderland, parsing the words in order to not say what you really mean. Trump, on the other hand, suggested that the U.S. needed an immediate halt to the Syrian refugee program, and more specifically, to pause the ingress of Muslim immigrants until the immigration department could find a way to accurately and completely vet the migrants to ensure that they were not Islamic terrorists.

Such a suggestion caused an immediate outcry and attempt to shame Trump by calling him a hateful, mean, religious bigot, with one of the most vociferous critics being Hillary Clinton. In a political environment where political foes must show some sense of decorum, Trump instead doubled down and went after Hillary for her past errors with a vengeance.

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