Trump Hating VA Doctor Posts Sick Parody Image of President Trump at VA Office

What's the difference between Obama and God?

God doesn't think he is Obama

There is just something about the strong leadership of President Trump that triggers liberal metrosexuals daddy issues. President Trump is being a man of his word and seeing to it that the corrupt Obama era VA gets rid of the criminals looking to exploit our veterans. And of course, this is triggering all the self-loathing angry little Trump haters still preying on the VA system.

Trump [daddy] hating VA doctor Eric Strong posted an image to Twitter claiming he switched up the image of President Trump with a picture of Alex Baldwin dressed like the President on SNL.

This is going to teach daddy a lesson about making me do my chores instead of playing around all day. Me a big boy. Not a whittle baby dat neds be told wat to dur.

This image of the President, as shown above, matches the SNL still of actor Alex Baldwin.

Now the man who posted this to Twitter, Dr. Eric Strong, came out crying that he didn't really have the balls to do this, and this was all Photoshop after the Gateway Pundit ran a scathing story on this weasel.

UPDATE: Trump-hating VA Doctor Eric Strong has posted that he photoshopped the VA office image he tweeted of Alec Baldwin in place of President Trump. Strong posted his original photo with the photo of Trump in its rightful place as proof.

Sorry sir, but the picture is Photoshopped. I attached the original. You can think this isn't funny, and I'm a jerk. That's fine. And you can keep the story up – that's your call, it's your site. But please update it to point out that the photo is a joke, and not real.

— Eric Strong (@DrEricStrong) December 10, 2017

Gateway Pundit has published this update and revised their story so it appears that this man is being genuine about this all being the work of Photoshop.

But it's a shame this doctor right here compromises his patients' trust by spewing partisan rhetoric. Or is that his right to say what he feels on his personal Twitter account?

VA Dr. Eric Strong

As the Gateway Pundit reports,

It is too bad Dr. Strong chose to sully the reputation of the VA with his Trump-hatred. He appears to be a skilled physician dedicated to the well-being of his patients as this 2011 report by the VA attests.

But, does his actions merit firing? According to some, the answer might very well be yes. You see the Photoshop image didn't bother to crop out the VA seal.

“The reproduction and use of the VA seal is specified by law (38 CFR 1.9). It is reserved for limited use as the symbol of governmental authority invested by the Department. The seal identifies all official documents, certifications, awards, publications, regulations and reports. Variation and modifications of the seal are prohibited. It is VA’s legally sanctioned official signature.”


Could this be the missing element that changes this Photoshop image from a tasteless [free speech protected] partisan prank to a criminal offense?

Regardless, Dr. Strong's motives seem to have been to spite the President for firing all his fellow leftist cronies polluting the VA.

His Twitter feed reads like the diary of a 12-year-old social justice warrior.

Don't sweat it man.

Trump can go to hell.

— Eric Strong (@DrEricStrong) December 10, 2017

And to top it off this “doctor” claims to be capable of diagnosing President Trump without a psychiatric disorder despite not being a specialist in this field and never having met the President. Is this a man we really want treating our veterans?

Strong’s Twitter feed Saturday night shows his strong contempt for President Trump, including “Trump can go to hell” and …”his narcissistic personality disorder – a pathological delusion that he is incapable of being wrong.”

Source: Gateway Pundit, Breitbart 



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