Trump Calls Out Bill Clinton on Rape Allegation

Trump Calls Out Bill Clinton on Rape Allegation

The New York Times ran an article Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved with Women in Private.  It was a lengthy hit piece that besmirched his name and something his daughter Ivanka spoke in his defense stating, “My dad's not a groper.”

Sean Hannity, sitting across from Donald Trump said that he interviewed two of the people prominently featured in the article, Carrie Prejean and Rowanne Brewer Lane, both of which knew Trump very.  These two women, who in the article were shown to be treated poorly by Trump, were livid with the piece.

Hannity stated that the 20-pages have been completely debunked and he asked Trump if he was angry about the hit-piece.

Trump responded by thanking the women who have spoken out against the lie written about them and about Trump.  Specifically, he mentioned Temple Taggart, the 21-year-old Miss Utah, who the article claimed was kissed on the lips in front of her parents and thousands of people.  She said, “This is crazy!”

He then said, “It's not like the worst thing, you know, you look at what Clinton's done, with all of the problems and all of the things he's done.  To read this piece that was on the front page….and to have these young women come out and saying that didn't happen, that's not what we said, that's not what we did, it was the intent.

Read more on the next page about Trump's opinion on Clinton's bad behavior and the con job the New York Times hit-piece and the injury to the women they defamed, along with Trump's take down of Clinton's womanizing.

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