Trump Appoints Obama Administration Official to Key Immigration Job

No one should ever expect a president or any other political leader to perfectly mirror what supporters desired, if for no other reason that those supporters are not perfectly unified on an entire set of beliefs and positions. Yet, the hope would be that the one elected would stay close to those positions outlined during the campaign.

This has been the case with President Trump, with the exception of a few areas where he has taken actions that have left supporters wondering. His attack on a Syrian airfield seems very inconsistent with his claims of support for a position where the U.S. would avoid intervening in foreign countries. And it clearly is inconsistent with his expressed desire to improve relations with Russia.

While his appointment to the Supreme Court has been met with approval by conservatives, (and howls of protests from the liberals, always a good sign), other appointments have raised concerns.

His choice to lead border patrol agents is of particular concern.

The Trump Administration rewarded Border Patrol agents for their support of Trump as president by picking an Obama holdover whom they despise to be their boss. Trump chose the Obama-hired Customs and Border deputy who was tasked with enacting Obama’s open border vision to lead the parent agency of Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection (CBP). All of the Border Patrol agents who spoke with Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby from all nine Southwest border sectors expressed feeling betrayed or otherwise hurt by Trump choosing a man who did so much damage to them to be their new boss. Many expressed regret for having supported Trump in the first place and for having believed he would actually listen to them and care about what they experienced while risking their lives for other Americans.

Anytime someone from the Obama administration is retained is a worry, especially in areas as sensitive as law-enforcement, military leadership, or social policy.

“I know that Trump has promised to get the National Border Patrol Council and agents a large voice in what happens on the border,” [Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon] Darby said. “ Last Friday he picked Kevin McAleenan, he nominated him to be the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of Border Patrol.” During the show, Darby spoke on how McAleenan is not only a holdover from the Obama administration, but a key player during the previous administration’s push for a less secure border.

“He nominated this guy .. the problem is that this guy was hired by Barack Obama and was made deputy of [CBP] and all of the things we fought against on the border happened under this guy’s watch and he would have been the one responsible for implementing them. That’s DACA, DAPA and Catch and Release.” Darby said referring to some of the controversial programs started under the Obama administration.

There's a very obvious contradiction here. President Trump, by all indications, intends to build the border wall. One would also believe that with his association with the Obama administration, that McAleenan would be a rabid opponent of the wall and the secure borders it represents.

Of course, McAleenan may just be a pragmatic opportunist who will pursue whatever policies he's told to just so long as he can keep his government job. But that's a poor excuse for selecting someone for such a position. Surely there were plenty of qualified candidates who were not hold-overs from an administration that was utterly opposed to Trump's expressed positions on these matters.

It is troubling, and bears close watching.


Source: Breitbart

Image: Conservative Read



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