Treasonous Obamatrade Deal Released

Treasonous Obamatrade Deal Released

How long is too long?  And is it possible to hide the disturbing details of a bill or agreement in plain sight simply by making it so lengthy that U.S, Congressional representatives will ignore it?  That seems to be the case with the mammoth Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, which is 5,544 pages long.  The trend for public documents or bills to expand to unmanageable lengths seems to be especially pronounced where the content is controversial or may have something to hide.

Rubio’s immigration bill – which never cleared Congress – was just under 1,200 pages long, weighed roughly 24 pounds and was criticized for its large size and complexity. And Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was originally just under 2,000 pages long.

Source: Brietbart

In all three cases, the length and complexity of the writings have made it difficult for Congress to read, digest and debate the content in a timely manner.  And in the case of the TPP, which has been exposed as treasonous and anathema to U.S. sovereign rights and controls, the details are just now coming to light due to a content release provided by Wikileaks rather than a transparent publishing for all to read and examine.

In fact, much of the TPP agreement was not meant to be available to the public or even to Congress until years after its implementation.

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