Transgender Arrested for Voyeurism in Target

Just as predicted, women and children have been sexually harassed due to Target's transgender bathroom policy. Just shy of three months, this policy has had several cases where men,  posing as women, have taken pictures of women in bathroom stalls and dressing rooms.

Sean Patrick Smith, 43, was allegedly dressed in women’s clothing when he entered the fitting room in the women’s section of the store in Ammon on Monday, East Idaho News reported. Smith, also known as Shauna Patricia Smith, then began taking pictures of a woman in the changing stall next to him, police said.

Detectives found Smith on Tuesday and charged him with one felony count of voyeurism. He was booked into the Bonneville County Jail and was set to make a court appearance Wednesday.

Many progressives have argued that those opposed to this policy are transphobic, ignoring the fact that perverts will take advantage of this unsafe policy and prey on innocent children and women.

Target’s new transgender friendly policy has already caused harm to young girls since its implementation, as men have used the policy to enter bathrooms and changing rooms to photograph females.

Frisco police are looking for a man they say photographed a young girl in a Target changing room.

Benito Valdez with police says it happened at the Super Target on Preston Road. “The man was in a female dressing room at the Target and was seen by the victim, over the wall with his cell phone, taking photos of the victim.”

He says the girl ran and told Target staff who told police.

“The suspect was described as a skinny, white, man, approximately 5’11 in height, with dark hair. He was last seen wearing a dark color baseball style hat.”

Target has experienced financial loss due to the boycott of the store since the April decision to ignore the majority's opinion and go with 0.25% of the population.

The financial losses due to Target’s revolutionary policy and political agenda have been substantial.

That tough feedback includes a consumer boycott that now has 1.2 million supporters, much damage to the company’s brand, and a massive sell-off on Wall Street that has chopped the company’s share price from almost $84 on April 19 to $75.70 on May 11.

That’s a loss of $8.30 per share, or 10 percent, or almost $5 billion since April 19. Of course, some part of that loss is due to President Barack Obama’s weak economy — but no company is helped by many management decisions that anger so many customers.

He told Squawk Box that the retail giant has received “a lot of tough feedback”…. “But sitting here today, we know we made the right decision.

But his pitch failed — the company’s stock crashed by roughly $3.50 per share after his appearance, down to the $75.70 level, despite a reassuring thumbs-up from one of the channel’s experts. “Target – it’s going higher, this thing is too cheap,” said CNBC’s Pete Najarian.

For all those advocates who screamed that the transgender would never abuse the Target policy, it is time to reflect that perhaps this mental illness newly renamed in the DSM-5 as Gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder, should be medically treated and not passed off as a neutral non-issue.  It is diagnosed as an illness for a reason and therefore society should help the mentally ill to find a place of healing, while not placing innocent women and children in danger by validating it as normal like Target has done.

Source: Fox News





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