Trans Activist: Men Have Periods Too, ‘Discriminating’ to Say ‘Feminine Products’

A group of liberal trolls started a prank back in 2014 called “free bleeding” to troll feminists.

“Free-bleeding,” the practice of avoiding feminine hygiene products because they are an oppressive tool of the “patriarchy” and part of male “period-shaming,” began life as a hoax created by members of the notorious 4chan message board back in 2014.

Over the course of the next 12 months, numerous progressives fell for it completely, embracing the sight of blood-soaked crotches as a social justice cause.

Feminist took this seriously and started thinking that it was progressive and edgy feminism to walk around all day with blood crotch stained clothes during their periods. So naturally, when the transgendered movement took off all the former girls but not boys, the “theys”, needed to “free bleed” to protest feminine products being called feminine products. That is not inclusive of transgender men who might be menstruating because they're biologically still a women. Turns out feeling like a boy doesn't stop you from menstruating like a girl. Liberals…

Fast forward to last week, when “transgender artist” Cass Clemmer, a biological female, posted a picture of him/herself wearing blood-stained pants while holding a sign that read, “Periods are not just for women. #BleedingWhileTrans.”

The Huffington Post celebrated the image by declaring it to be a “powerful attempt to broaden the cultural understanding of the different types of people who experience menstruation.”

According to HuffPo, the photo proves that “women aren’t the only ones who get periods.”

Biologically women are the only ones who can get periods. People can feel like a man, a they, or whatever, an alien. But, that is just how they feel not a biological reality.

Really at the root of transgender people is a medical term called dysmorphia. Most people are familiar with body dysmorphia – the condition where people hate their bodies and unable to accurately gauge how they look. Nobody suggests that people suffering from body dysmorphia get plastic surgery or condone anorexia and bulimia in order to try and get the perfect body. Because it is an established fact that people suffering from dysmorphia, be it body or gender, are incapable of accurately perceiving their bodies and reality. So, as a question, why do we treat people with gender dysmorphia any differently? Furthermore, what has happened to our society that such deranged inhumane treatment and acceptance is being extended to those suffering from gender dysmorphia such as the menstruating she/they/transgendered Clemens. We are literally allowing doctors to cut up and experiment with their bodies like little freak shows for kicks and giggles like Josef Mengele did to his Jewish patients (inmates) during the Holocaust.

Nobody really says too much about the legal rights of the man suffering from body dysmorphia who has had dozens of plastic surgeries to look like a human Ken doll. We all know what's really going on. Why is it any different with transgendered people?

Source: InfoWars




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