Tramps against Trump: Women Promise Send You Nude Picture if You Vote Against Donald Trump

Remember the first time you formed a political opinion? Remember the first time you saw a nude woman? If your answer to both of those questions is “yes” then I’ve got some great news for you! You can now see nude women in exchange for not voting for Trump (or at least pretending not to). That’s right! It would seem that bloodying Trump supporters, waving the Mexican flag and tipping police cars over has become yesterday’s news for anti-Trumpers. It’s all about nudity now.

A group founded by women, who areĀ attempting to influence Americans to vote against Trump, are using nudity as a political tool. These classy ladies are promising to send nude pictures of themselves to anybody who registers with their campaign via Instagram. They’re calling themselves “Tramps Against Trump”. Now that is clever. If you’ve reached a dead end in trying to decide who to vote for, you can now get some nudity and wholesome advice from prostitutes and porn stars. Go America!

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