Tramps against Trump: Women Promise Send You Nude Picture if You Vote Against Donald Trump

Though this isn’t the first group to use sex as a campaign tool, it is the first time a group has used nude pictures and the Internet to do it. Doesn’t this seem somewhat contradicting to liberal beliefs?

The group is promising nude pictures to anyone who does not vote for Trump.

It can be anyone, a potted plant or anyone to whom you wish to vote except Trump and you will get this unique incentive of nude pictures in return.

As Trump’s policies include anti-abortion and anti-women stances so this movement comes out to be very important for sex workers and so is the election process and votes.

She says sending nudes and minimizing the chances of Trump is a win-win situation for her.

A “win-win situation” huh? Sounds like she’s made some pretty fantastic life choices. If only there was a place where one could find pictures of nude people that doesn’t involve politics . . . oh wait, it’s called the Internet. And knowing how paranoid modern society is, chances are they’d rather type “nudity” into Google than register themselves through social media.




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