Toddler’s Memorial Bench Removed for Bible Verses

Toddler’s Memorial Bench Removed for Bible Verses

Mason, with the curly blond mop and hazel eyes, was only 16-months-old when he died in a hit and run accident.  On August 30th, the Roten family was driving in Walkertown, North Carolina, when a black Chevy Impala crossed the center lane into the path of their truck.  Mason's dad swerved to miss the impending head-on collision.  The truck truck flipped and hit a tree, which fell on the their vehicle, crushing little Mason.

An Elkin High School alumni made and installed a bench near the playground at the Elkin Municipal Park.  Each week Mason and his brother would play at the playground.  Heather, Mason's mom said, “They had a blast down here… He was just a joyful little boy.” The bench meant so much to the family and was engraved with Bible verses and crosses to memorialize their happy baby.

The bench vanished from the park because of the religious emblems on city property. Follow more of the story on page two.

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