Toddler’s Memorial Bench Removed for Bible Verses

Once again, some intolerant hater has removed a memorial, dedicated to innocents, because of a Bible verse and a few crosses.  Mason Roten's young life was commemorated on this park bench after he lost his life in a hit and run accident.  The bench had been placed right near the playground where Mason and his brother would come and play.  Those who made the bench and installed it, said they got approval from parks and recreation to place it at the park.

Roten was shocked, saying sadly, “One day we come down here with this beautiful bench and tears of joy and now it’s being taken away as if we haven’t been through enough already. I just could not believe that they would take something away from my precious little baby like that.”

In Elkin we have an approval process for any bench to be added to our municipal park that is for a public memorial. This bench was added last Saturday without prior knowledge or approval. It was also installed on top of another memorial in the park. The bench was first noticed on Monday morning and was removed due to not being first approved by our recreation and parks director. The bench does have religious  symbols and scripture in its design which no other bench in our park currently has. It is a beautiful bench and we are currently working to find another more suitable location for the bench which is in memory of a young child. Our Town Board will be discussing the matter at its next meeting to be held on December 14th. at 7 pm.

Source: Breitbart



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