Three Billionaires Conspire to Take Down Trump

Three Billionaires Conspire to Take Down Trump

If you noticed a slight bump in Hillary's popularity in the wake of the DNC, you might have noticed some pretty significant campaign contributions from some pretty hefty money sources. However, since then Trump has closed the gap, with some polling sources claiming he's tied and others claiming Trump has surpassed Clinton. Curious, right? Hillary Clinton might have made a grievous error in judgement.

In her desperation to grab hold of the 2016 election, not only has her campaign been controversial, due to her numerous scandals, but she's also betrayed the very people who were on the fence about her in the first place. Bernie Sanders supporters might not realize how important they are in the coming elections, but Hillary's error might shed some light on it.

If you'll notice one thing that Bernie Sanders supporters have in common, it's their disdain for corporations and those who dwell in the top tax bracket. This is why Sanders's notions of socialism were so appealing to them. They wanted a piece of that pie and still wanted to do as little as possible, but that's another story for another time. For right now, let's talk about Hillary Clinton's “billionaire boy's club.”

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