Three Billionaires Conspire to Take Down Trump

That's right. Following the DNC, Hillary Clinton recruited some fairly powerful allies meant to both fill her pockets and make Trump seem inferior. This “billionaire boy's club” is made up of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban and the ever corrupt Warren Buffet.

Now, there are two chief reasons Clinton has roped these members of the moneyed elite into her campaign.

First, they can argue that Donald Trump is a bad businessman as uniquely credible sources.

And second, they can each put Trump on the defensive, stifling his attacks on Clinton.

Here's a look at how each of “Clinton's billionaires” is helping the former first lady…

Michael Bloomberg, who has at least four times as much wealth as Trump claims to have (Bloomberg's net worth is $40.9 billion; Trump alleges he's worth $10 billion, but Forbes says $4.5 billion), was the first to swipe at the real estate magnate during last week's DNC.

“Most of us [businessmen] who have our names on the door know that we're only as good as our word. But not Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said. “Trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits, angry shareholders, contractors who feel cheated, and disillusioned customers who feel ripped off. Trump says he wants to run the nation like he's run his business. God help us.”

Bloomberg's words did their job. The crowd at the DNC burst into thunderous applause while social media outlets erupted as well.

The Trump camp issued no response the day after Bloomberg's DNC speech – last Thursday, July 27.

But then Friday came…

Trump's response on Twitter arrived just hours after Clinton's own big DNC speech the night before. He didn't attack her presentation — a sign that Clinton's strategy to use Bloomberg to put Trump on the defensive might have worked.

This of course, all ended with Buffet challenging Trump to present his tax statements. What a great strategy . . . not. This is where the Sanders supporters who were on the fence about Hillary abandoned ship. Just like voting for Trump went against everything they stood for, now voting for Hillary also goes against everything they stand for. And with Trump once again gaining momentum, things are going to get interesting before November arrives.





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