The Coming Office Parties and Long Lines to Get Microchipped

Leak Project is a YouTube-based forum that discusses subject matter that other news sites won't, particularly if they are anti-Progressive, anti-Socialist, anti-Communist, anti-One World Government, or anti-Big Brother.  Many of these sites are dedicated to enlightening the public at large of the dangers of the globalist oppressive view of everything that prompts you to surrender your freedoms.

A couple of months ago, Leak Project released a video that discussed a military project known as the Trillion Sensor Vision.  This project was instituted to forcibly issue a trillion microchips to every individual who lives and breathes in North America via introductory methods that include air drops from crop dusters, mass mailings (through contact-style ink dust), and also through our everyday food consumption!

While there are even other very sinister uses for microchips, the Left is dedicated to conning all of us into keeping our guards down in order to convince us that microchipping or “chipping” is not only about convenience, but is actually good for us!

Read on the next page about the new efforts to persuade the public that chipping is inevitable and that we might as well submit now before everyone gets in line ahead of us!

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