Report: You Might Already Be Microchipped

Report: You Might Already Be Microchipped

Is it at all possible that you have been “chipped” at some time in your life and have not known it?  The short answer is “of course!”  But perhaps we should delve a bit into the facts…or at least the information that we have at this point that could serve to answer certain questions dealing with our everyday behavior and how our “mood” can be modulated like a radio frequency.  Also, we can look at the various methods of how such “chipping” could be undertaken without our knowledge.

Leak Project has put together a 45-minute video that goes into some semi-detailed information regarding this subject, but to truly get the most out of it, Truth and Action will try to boil down the video to key points and elements that help explore this very complicated and creepy subject.

With that in mind, turn the page to read about how you may have had a microchip (or more than one microchip) implanted into your body or insinuated into your life without ever having been aware of it!

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