The Billionaire Pre-selection Process

Are billionaires chosen because of their bloodlines or leftist ideologies?

William B. Stoecker of All News Pipeline recently addressed this question.  He wonders if the billionaires of the world are not just happenstance, but arrive at their station in life through a series of interconnected relationships and touchstones that place them where they will affect the overall nature of the “club” through their individual, specific talents.

In other words, if someone happens to be damn good at getting people to follow through her radiant personality, uplifting stories, openness to alternative lifestyles, and transcendence of thought, would it not be prudent to take Oprah Winfrey and introduce her to the right sorts of people and contacts that will catapult her into the Billionaires Club?

Or is it alternately possible that they are naturally inclined to be a certain way through these contacts and, therefore, are already within the “bloodline of the billionaires?”

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