The Billionaire Pre-selection Process

Stoecker is no lover of progressivism and he makes no bones about his disgust for that breed.  In his piece, he begins with the obvious benefactor of many Leftist organizations, George Soros.

Most patriots are aware that George Sauron (Soros) is behind ACORN and La Raza, the Tides Foundation, the “Open Society” Foundation, Media Matters,, and the Center for American “Progress,” and supports Planned “Parenthood” and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Born Gyorgy Schwartz in Hungary on 8/12/30, Sauron has a net worth of some $25 billion dollars, mostly acquired via currency speculation.

Anyone familiar with the effects of fiat money and its manipulation by the central banks can see how easy it is for people with the right connections to know in advance what the money supply and interests rates will be and become fabulously wealthy with little effort or risk…and it requires no great intelligence to do it. Sauron, during WWII, helped Nazi officials confiscate the wealth of his fellow Jews and consider that period to be a happy one for him.

But George Sauron appears to have received a few tips, perhaps on the condition that he support NWO causes. Could billionaires be “chosen,” based, perhaps, on bloodlines and/or early promises to support the elites’ agenda?

And so begins his deep dive into the offer that perhaps these people who are part of the Billionaires Club are actually chosen because of their particular political bent and their support of certain agendas.

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