Texas City That Ordered Cops To Stop Bible Study is Backpedaling

No more Bible study was the headline a week ago, yet now the City of Beaumont, Texas, has considered the error of its way, after receiving a pre-suit letter, filed on the behalf of the officers whose rights were infringed upon.  Truth and Action reported:

The City of Beaumont, Texas is violating the religious rights of their police officers.  The City shut down a voluntary Bible study which met at lunch, at the police station.  Sargent Burt Moore said that no one had complained, there was no provocation that created the demand from the City.

Sargent Burt Moore, who helped found the Faith and Fellowship Bible study, pointed out that the City Council prays before its meetings and the police station will start an event with prayer as well.

Attorney Briscoe Cain, filed a the pre-suit letter with the City on behalf of the officers.  Though the City is now backing down, Cain is saying, “No Deal!” until certain demands are met.

The police officers’ lawyer told Breitbart Texas, “The City hasn’t retreated – they are still imposing barriers on the officers’ inalienable rights.”

The notice letter stated that the City of Beaumont has been prohibiting the officers from holding a voluntary Bible study twice-monthly during their lunchtime. It also said that doing so substantially burdens their free exercise of religion and violates the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act (TRFRA).

The change in demeanor of the City of Beaumont is certainly encouraging, but Cain, in order to protect against future infringements, is making certain that the deal is put in writing.

Cain told Breitbart Texas before he filed the legal notice, At a time when the lives of those who serve and protect us is under the microscope in a way we’ve never seen before, a City Manager and City Attorney have singled out our men and women in blue and demanded that they stop coming together to pray and read the Bible.” The officers’ lawyer added, “This is one of the most blatant attacks on Christianity and anti-police officer moves we have seen a city take. I’d expect something like this from California, but this is Texas.” He said, “The term ‘Pray for Police’ has taken on a new meaning.”

The lawyer representing the officers is seeking to serve up some poetic justice, stating that there can be “no deal” until city officials take ‘sensitivity training’:

The lawyer for the Beaumont, Texas, police officers who were told they could not conduct a Bible study during the lunch hour, says there is “No Deal” until officials at the City of Beaumont take sensitivity training.

A local media outlet reported that the City of Beaumont had backed down from their decision to not allow the police officers to hold their Bible Study; however, Briscoe Cain told Breitbart Texas in an exclusive interview that city officials must take “sensitivity training” before there is a deal.  Moreover, any agreement will have to be reduced to writing.

Source: Breitbart




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