Terror-Stricken France on Precipice of Becoming Police State

Terror-Stricken France on Precipice of Becoming Police State

Although European authorities are understandably trying to avoid being lax in light of recent terrorist attacks in their countries, they are in danger of going too far in the opposite direction and turning their nations into police states.

Few European states have been as hard hit by Islamic extremism in recent times as France, which suffered one of the deadliest terror attacks in the continent's history when ISIS-connected militants carried out a coordinated series of shootings and bombings in Paris that left over a hundred dead last year. More recently, the city of Nice was targeted by a lone-wolf jihadist who drove a truck through a crowd and left 80 dead.

Determined (and rightfully so) to prevent similar incidents from occurring, the French government has increased security measures across the country, deploying thousands of soldiers and policemen in cities. In short, France is slowly metamorphosing from a liberal democracy into a militarized dystopia.

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