Teen Calls School With Bomb Threat Saying He Wants To Join ISIS

Another American citizen has succumbed to the twisted allure of ISIS extremism. A 16 year old student from Northwest Cabarrus High School in Kannapolis, North Carolina, has confessed to authorities of wanting to join ISIS. He was arrested January 8 after claiming he had made a bomb and announced in a classroom that he wanted to blow up the school. He was carrying two knives when he was arrested.

The teen was charged with a false bomb threat and carrying weapons on school grounds. Although the bomb threat was false, authorities speculate that the threat followed an incident in which this same teen sexually exploited a minor, which he was also charged with on Monday.

It’s remains uncertain whether this teen really did try to join ISIS, or if this is a case of petulance. Whatever it is, it’s shameful and worrisome that ISIS has become a convenient excuse for irresponsible and angry teenagers.

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