Ted Cruz Fights Back Against Trump on Birth Issue

The long-lasting calm between frontrunners Ted Cruz and Donald Trump has finally ended, and its ended in a somewhat spectacular fashion, as both campaigns have seemed to go from 0 to 100 nearly overnight.

Donald Trump continues to bring up Ted Cruz's citizenship in an effort to persuade voters that a vote for Cruz could end up being a vote for a man that can not legally take office.

Ted Cruz has shot back with just as much intensity, not only defending himself against the attacks that many legal scholars are claiming to be baseless, but painting the attacks as a tell to Donald Trump's true colors. According to Cruz, Trump is nothing but a New York liberal with ties to Hillary Clinton and the rest of the liberal elite class.

As Iowa begins to come ever closer, both in time and in polling, both campaigns will likely ramp up their efforts to attack one another to capture the important first in the nation vote.

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