Tech Companies Urge Congress to Let Obama Transfer Internet to Global Community

It’s frightening to think that our freedom to access the Internet rests on the actions of a few people, but  that’s exactly what it has come to. We can only watch and wait to see if the tech lobby browbeats Congress into going along with Obama’s plan to turn over the web to foreign interests:

“‘A global, interoperable and stable Internet is essential for our economic and national security, and we remain committed to completing the nearly twenty year transition to the multi stakeholder model that will best serve U.S. interests,’ the letter said.

Other signatories include Amazon, Cloudflare, Yahoo and several technology trade organizations.

Former presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who leads the opposition against the handover, will hold a congressional hearing on Wednesday to review the transition, which he has criticized as a ‘giveaway of our internet freedom.’

Tech companies, technical experts and academics have said the transition is overdue and necessary to keep the Internet open and globally oriented, and that the proposal includes safeguards against any potential abuse by any one country.”

Source: Yahoo


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