Obama Seeking International Agreement to Control Internet

Obama Seeking International Agreement to Control Internet

Wow, what a surprise: President Obama is intertwining two of his favorite political hobby horses in order to undermine America’s sovereignty as well as it’s people’s liberties.

It’s no secret that Obama has been scheming to increase the government’s control over the Internet, allowing him to manipulate it as he pleases. Nor is it a secret that he has made it a major priority of his presidency to weaken the US by ceding its power to the UN and other international bodies. So imagine how alarming it was to hear that he called for America to enter into agreements with other countries to regulate the Internet.

It’s bad enough that he wants the federal government to be able to determine what people are and aren’t allowed to see online, but Obama wants to go one step even further and let tyrannical regimes like North Korea and Iran have a say in what is permitted on the web.

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