Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev an FBI Informant?

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Suspicions have long swirled in Boston about the true nature of TamerlanTsarnaev’s relationship with the FBI, dating back to at least 2011. In March 2014 the defense team for Tamerlan’s younger brother filed a brief in federal court asserting that the FBI had tried to recruit the elder Tsarnaev. The FBI has always denied that Tamerlan ever worked for them in any capacity as an informant. In response to the Tsarnaev defense motion, the DOJ reported that it could discover “no evidence” to support the claim that the Bureau approached Tamerlan with such a request.

But despite these denials, the rumors Globe columnist Kevin Cullen reports do not constitute the first public questions government officials have raised about the FBI’s conduct—or honesty—in this case. Source: InfoWars.com

Source: infowars
Watertown police chief Ed Deveau has since publicly questioned the FBI’s conduct that week, suggesting that had the bureau recognized the man they’d previously investigated, Collier would be alive and the shootout in his town never would have happened.
So, the story is the dead terrorist’s brother’s defense team (who was so good that he was convicted on all charges so fast your head almost spun), claimed that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was working for the FBI as an informant.

And, the police supposedly have suggestions and suspicions. And the fact there is no evidence and that everyone in an official capacity flat out denies any of this story has a lick of truth apparently makes it…true.
Consider the source of the rumor and speculation…and move along.




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