Syrians Complain About Food and No TVs, Threaten to Go Back to Syria

The same woman appeared the next day before another news crew, her hair styled and her make up done to elaborate more on her complaints about the generosity of Western European states.

She went on to say that their accommodations were like a jail and despite there being a war in Syria, at least they could live “for real” back home, which begs the question of why they left.

Another man had similar, yet, different gripes, saying that the weather was too cold and nobody cared about them there. Obviously, these governments do care. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be letting them into their countries. On the opposite side of the spectrum some migrants actually had more logical complaints.

One man speaking lamented he was unable to turn back and go home, and complained about the Europeans he had met. He said: “Here it is so cold and nobody cares about us. Now we want to go, to move, there is no way back. We have already crossed seven or eight borders”.

Another migrant paradoxically also thought Europe already had too many migrants in. He said: “the weather is so cold, and the people are too much. Too much people coming to this area”.

It may seem at times that migrants are almost as opposed to mass migration to Europe as natives. interviewed yesterday as Sweden prepared to close their borders to alleviate the migrant crisis brewing within their nation, a group of newly arrived asylum seekers celebrated the policy u-turn. One young man said: “Close the border. We are far too many who have come. They can not take care of all of us”.

Seeing no irony in his statement, a Syrian migrant said: “I’m surprised how it is here in Sweden. If they can’t take care of us properly, they should not take so many”.

Meanwhile, the first batch of Syrian refugees are reported to have shown up in America. How long until we begin suffering the same problems they are in Western Europe?




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