Swedish Police: ‘Nordic Alcohol Culture’ and ‘Ignorance’ Cause Migrant Rapes

Western politicians are inviting more and more Middle Eastern and African Muslim refugees into their own countries, in spite of the violence and the suffering it is causing their own populations. There are widespread reports of rape, sexual assault, abuse, violence, harassment, and a host of other problems and conflicts, and yet the politicians keep inviting more people in! It makes no sense at all. A new report from Sweden, a culture marked by cordial, gracious social interactions, with almost no violence or sexual assaults prior to the last few years, highlights the frightening result of increasing Islamic immigration.

A new report notes that Sweden has the worst rates of physical and sexual violence committed against women in the European Union (EU), according to a survey by the EU’s rights agency.

Titled: The Current Situation of Sexual Molestation and Proposals for Action, the document seeks to explain these statistics, and concludes on page 34:

“Sweden tops the new EU Statistics on physical and sexual violence against women, sexual harassment and stalking. The conclusion is that the results are a consequence of Nordic alcohol culture, but also of non-traditional gender roles.”

It explains, on page 20, that the “background to the men who commit sexual molestation is multifaceted.”

Migrants, it says, might not be able to “handle the alcohol,” simply feel “horny,” have “ignorance of the consequences for the girls,” “have misplaced feelings,” be “expressing anger in this way” or be acting due to “peer pressure.”

“Some argue that sexual molestation is part of bullying, or the means for men to demonstrate their power over girls,” claims the next paragraph.

The report also documents how girls in Sweden have been called “whores” and abused for “their clothes,” leaving many fearful to walk the streets.

The explicitly feminist analysis places a strong emphasis on the “problem” of “masculinity,” rather than the non-Western values held by many migrants. Part of the conclusion reads:

“Studies have shown that the use of violence in intimate relationships can be a means of strengthening the perpetrator’s sense of masculinity and forcing the victim to submission.

“Control is exercised over women through violence, thus shaping her according to the man’s idealised vision of femininity. During the exercise of violence, men can feel they embody a typical ‘male.’  Attributes: aggressiveness, strength and control.

The report opens by mentioning the mass “planned” sex attack by migrants on New Years’ Eve seen across Europe, and the gang molestations committed by Afghan migrants at the “We Are Stockholm” teenage festival in 2014 and 2015.

“For these reasons, it was decided by the National Commissioner that the vulnerability to sexual molestation among young people would be investigated,” the report explains, noting that “the majority of the victims are girls who are younger than fifteen years old.”

Shortly after the German police were accused of attempting to cover up the Cologne sex attack, it began to be reported that Swedish police had been obscuring the nature of sex attacks in Stockholm for years.

This morning it was reported by Fria Tider that Swedish police have begun to routinely patrol buses after reports of “Arab gangs” systematically harassing women in Holmsund. The Police have again refused to discuss the perpetrators’ backgrounds.

In other words, many of the Muslim emigres are aggressive, harrassing, drunken rapists who are angry and out of control and a danger to society. But government officials seem to want to blame the culture of Sweden since the Muslim immigrants are unable to adapt to it.

In other words, the Swedish culture is to blame for the violence and sexual molestations. And politicians want to bring more of these folks into the country!  The same is true in Germany, France, England, and yes, the United States. What are these political leaders thinking?

A Swedish police report indicates that Muslim men, who make up only 2% of the population in Sweden, are responsible for 70% of the rapes committed in the country. That is not a problem with Swedish culture, it is a problem with Islam. Thousands of bomb threats, violence, mental illness incidents and rapes have been committed at asylum centers and secretly classified under Code 291 but kept hidden from the public, perhaps because of the public outcry which would result if the sheer number of crimes was made public. That is outrageous, and politicians who are keeping this hidden and inviting even more of these people into the country to threaten and harm residents should be shouted down and thrown out of office. With whom do their loyalties lie?

Everywhere the immigrants have gone, a trail of lawlessness, theft, assault, and rape has followed. There is no other culture and no other religion that makes a sacrament of cutting peoples heads off and raping women and children. If the politicians are so anxious to invite new emigres in, let them invite them into their own homes and show everyone how gracious and generous these politicians can be. It is high time to stop the lies and to recognize that this flood of humanity must stay in their own homeland and deal with their own problems. Let us all see just how peaceful the culture truly is when all Muslims live together in the culture they are accustomed to rather than invading our lands and challenging our way of life, and especially our people.

Source: breitbart.com



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