Sweden On the Verge of Collapse

From the reports out of Sweden:

“The final consequence of the West and, above all, Sweden’s immigration policy is that the economy will collapse — because who is going to pay for it all? And economic breakdowns, once they happen, always happen very fast,” warns Danish historian Lars Hedegaard.

Increasing taxes on wage earners in Sweden to pay for the influx of illegal immigrants is not enough. In August Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said the government is looking at borrowing large sums of money from the European Investment Bank to pay for illegal immigration.

“Why has one government after another chosen to spend Swedish taxpayers’ money to support and shelter citizens of other countries, while some of them try to kill us?” asked Ingrid Carlqvist after a Swedish woman and her son were stabbed to death at an IKEA store in Vasteras, Sweden, by Abraham Ukbagabir, an illegal immigrant from Eritrea.

“Time to wake up, Swedish People,” wrote Björn Söder of the Sweden Democrats party on his Facebook page in August. He said the murdered woman and her son would not agree with Reinfeldtd, who urged Swedes to “open their hearts” to illegal immigrants streaming into the country.

A large number of Swedes are opposed to illegal immigration. A poll conducted in August revealed the Sweden Democrats are the largest party in the country.

“Another area of cultural shock in Western countries with significant Muslim immigration is the crime rate, and especially disproportional sexual crimes against the host country’s women,” notes The Tribune Papers. “In Sweden, which does not usually report the nationality of rapists, a just released study by Swedish Police revealed that Muslim men, who constitute only 2 percent of the population are responsible for 77.6 percent of rapes, giving once peaceful Sweden the highest rape rate in Europe and the second highest in the world, next to South Africa.”

This is what a nation looks like that has not vetted the refugees coming into its borders, not has the country thought through what amount of money it would need to not affect its citizens.  America, under the far left, which it is now under Obama, has the potential to implement a crazy influx.  It will take the average American, standing up and saying “NO!” to stop this government if it attempts to allow a similar situation here.

When these European countries start to fall from the millions of refugees, when its discovered after a terrorist event that those who perpetrated the attack slipped in posing as refugees, possibly some real attention will be generated.  Until then, we will continue to see the horrors of this refugee crisis in the news, and people will go on with their day.

Rep. Steve King (R-NY) has identified the crisis behind the crisis in this article.





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