Susan Sarandon: “I Don’t Vote With My Vagina”

Hillary takes every chance to bring up her womanhood on the campaign trail. She's a trailblazer because she's a woman, she's an underdog because she's a woman, and — laughably — the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State is a political outsider because she is a woman.

Well some liberals aren't having that, and they're speaking out.

Actress Susan Sarandon took to her Twitter account on Wednesday to reiterate her support for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)’ presidential campaign, saying it is “insulting” that women would be asked to vote for a female president based on gender alone.
“I don’t vote with my vagina,” the 69-year-old Thelma and Louise star tweeted. “It’s so insulting to women to think that you would follow a candidate JUST because she’s a woman.”

“HRC doesn’t rep my interests, @BernieSanders does. Simple as that,” she added, using an acronym for Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sanders’ rival for the Democratic nomination.

Sarandon first voiced her support for Sanders in September when she joined Artists for Bernie, a coalition of more than 120 actors, directors and musicians that are publicly supporting the socialist Vermont senator’s run.

The actress appeared at a Sanders rally in Iowa last month, where she sharply criticized Clinton over the former New York senator’s vote to authorize the Iraq war.

“She’s had a job, but what has she done that we’re bragging about? How has she led?” Sarandon said last month.


Hillary's sex may not be enough to save her from her scandalous past and flip-flops on major policy points, and without her “woman card,” she may have no campaign at all.

Source: Breitbart



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