Study Finds World has been Cooling Since 1990’s

Study Finds World has been Cooling Since 1990’s

You might think that with the heat this summer that the temperature has been rising around the world, but according to the results of a recent study, quite the opposite has been happening.

For years, one of the key tenets of the alarmist agenda pushed by radical environmentalists is that the earth has been experiencing dramatic increases in temperature, warranting heavy government intervention to prevent further change. Since the 1950s, scientists have documented gradual glacial retreat, melting of floating ice shelves, and increased occurrence of various flora all due to higher temperatures. At first glance, this would seem to prove the alarmist narrative that the planet is becoming warmer and warmer.

But as a new study shows, temperatures have declined since the 1990s, resulting in a noticeably cooler climate. Tellingly, these changes are attributed not to man-made factors, but to natural ones.

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