Study Finds World has been Cooling Since 1990’s

The results of the study show why the left has quietly dropped the phrase “global warming” in favor of “climate change.” With research like this debunking the idea that the world is getting hotter, environmentalists have to hide behind vaguer-but-no-less apocalyptic language to convince people of the correctness of their beliefs:

“Temperatures have decreased as a consequence of a greater frequency of cold, east-to-southeasterly winds, resulting from more cyclonic conditions in the northern Weddell Sea associated with a strengthening mid-latitude jet. These circulation changes have also increased the advection of sea ice towards the east coast of the peninsula, amplifying their effects. Our findings cover only 1% of the Antarctic continent and emphasize that decadal temperature changes in this region are not primarily associated with the drivers of global temperature change but, rather, reflect the extreme natural internal variability of the regional atmospheric circulation.”

Source: Nature




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