Students Vote To Ban The Song ‘White Christmas’ For Being Racist


This is a great example of how consumed young people are with the idea of racial equality. They don't think about the facts or really anything at all. If they did stop to think, they'd know that their obsession with racism is actually creating more racism.

‘But we know there are other kinds of snow and just because it's dirty on the ground – you know, sometimes it turns brown, sometimes it turns black…' – as he trails off the student is already signing.

Later he asks a female student: ‘What kind of Christmases do you like? I like racially ambiguous Christmases, to be honest with you.'

The student responds: ‘Yeah.'

And another two students believe him when he says that Bing Crosby – who died in 1977 – denounced the song himself in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement.

‘You know the guy who actually sang the song originally, Bing Crosby, actually came out and said the same about this song,' Joseph remarked.

‘Oh really?' a girl responds earnestly.

‘Yeah he said it's not appropriate and that black lives matter,' he responded, as the students nodded and signed.

One student eagerly signs the petition despite admitting he can't remember how the song goes.

Joseph even went as far as to say that Bing Crosby denounced the song because he believed in the cause of activist group Black Lives Matter, who didn't even exist back then. If you're planning on sending any prayers up to the Big Guy this Christmas season, pray for the fading intelligence of America.




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