Streisand Blames Trump for Shooting, He “Brings Out the Violence in People”

Hollywood actress, Grammy Award-winning singer, and Broadway star Barbara Streisand might be a legend, but that doesn't mean she possesses the ability to comprehend reality.

“I really believe she won the election,”

Streisand has since had other conversations with the first female presidential candidate. “I said to her the last time I saw her, ‘You were just too smart.’” In fact, she’s not convinced that Trump beat Clinton. “I really believe she won the election,” Streisand says. “I’ve talked to senators from Michigan and Wisconsin. I do believe, like I believed during Bush, they were playing with those voter machines. And [Al Gore] lost by 537 votes out of 104 million. And now, in retrospect, Bush looks quite good compared to Trump. At least he’s not mean-spirited. He’s not a guy who is retaliating for what Obama did at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.”

Yes, this leftist goon really does believe that Hillary Clinton is the rightful President. But that is hardly surprising given who we are speaking off. Yet, what many didn't except, including myself, was more this has-been star to go as far as to blame President Trump for the Parkland School shooting.

Streisand, on some level, feels that Trump shares the blame for the recent Florida high school shooting, which claimed the lives of 17 students and teachers. “I think even that shooter was affected because Trump brings out the violence in people. He says, ‘It’s OK — rally, lock her up.’”

In the mind of Barbra Streisand, saying “lock her up” is akin to getting an AR15 and mowing through a school with bullets.

Such equivalency is not only appalling, but immoral on every level.

What happened to her threat to move to Canada if President Trump was elected…

Source: Variety 


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