State Dept. Has No Idea What Gives It Legal Authority To Attack Syrian Troops

Men,Women, and children who are Christian, Muslim or who are Gay are being targeted and killed by ISIS. You would think that America would look after helping those who are fighting to stop ISIS. In fact, the White House is doing the opposite. The government has such tunnel-vision it is crippling the very government of Syria that is trying to stop the ruthless violence perpetrated by ISIS.

Earlier this week it was reported that the U.S. would allow airstrikes against Syrian government targets in defense of US-trained rebel militants who have been battling against the Assad regime for the past four years, a de facto declaration of war two years after President Obama supposedly backed down from committing the United States to military action in Syria to topple the Assad government.

When asked by RT’s Gayane Chichakyan what the legal basis was for this decision or whether it could be justified by Congressional backing, the State Department’s Mark Toner was left dumbfounded.

Not only is the government going against another government that is trying to help fight against ISIS, its unclear on wether what they are doing is legal or not. To learn more about this complicated situation watch the video below or read further about it here : Info Wars.




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