South African President Calls for Confiscation of White-Owned Land Without Compensation

In proof that dumb ideas, even evil ones, persist long after they've been proven to be such, we see an especially obnoxious policy about to be instituted in another African nation.

Recall that Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe has been anything but a beacon of freedom, prosperity,  and democracy. This man destroyed his nation's currency and economy, and legitimized the government theft of farms owned by whites. It's a perfect combination of institutionalized theft coupled with the worst of socialist economic policies. That the nation became an economic basket case was to be expected.

Now we see another nation whose leaders have decided to pursue a similar course of action. Never mind the disastrous impact it will have on their nation, or the gross unfairness, or even criminality of their proposals. They are determined to purse this course because they have a political agenda that in their minds supersedes the rule of law and the welfare of the people of their country.

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