Sociology Professor: Hurricane Harvey “Karma” for Electing President Trump

Kenneth L Storey, a sociology professor at the University of Tampa believes the people in Texas deserve to suffer and die for helping elect President Trump.

Here is the tweet,

Ken Storey Is Stupid Piece of Texan Hating Shit

Liberals love to mock Christians for their faith and call their views on global warming scams backward, BUT, yes the liberal God aka “Karma” sent the hurricane to teach the Texan people a lesson. What a load of bull dung.

A sociology professor at the University of Tampa published a tweet on Sunday afternoon suggesting that Texas residents deserve the death, destruction and suffering caused by Hurricane Harvey because a majority of Texas voters supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Professor Storey has since deleted the tweet and most of Twitter feed. He has also removed the photo from his account following the severe backlash. What kind of a moron threatens Texans for supporting President Trump then goes and runs and hides like a little coward at the first sign of actual “resistance” to hate speech?

As of Monday evening, Storey no longer includes a photo for his Twitter account. Also, though Twitter has recorded some 72,700 tweets by Storey, just four currently show up on his tweets page.

Why? Why is such blatant hysteria and hate so readily endorsed by the left?

Source: Daily Caller, Campus Reform



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