Slave Trade Uncovered Amongst Immigrants – Obama’s America Devolving

Recently, a ring of 7-11 owning Muslims recently pleaded guilty to running a slave trade involving illegal immigrants.

In Islamic culture, slavery is not only tolerated, it's taught as an important part of Islam's advancement.

Mohammed owned slaves and selling slaves was very lucrative and funded many Islamic military campaigns. The history is there, only it's not quite ‘history'.

Obama has opened the floodgates and allowed completely different cultures to reside here. And although our country was started with immigrants and forged with the hands of different cultures, now we have a specific structure and culture in place, which is now changing.

Our country will not be the same after this transformation, and the odds are against us we will survive it unless we can somehow preserve the structures we have in place.

According to Department of Homeland Security Special Agent James T. Hayes, “These defendants knowingly hired illegal aliens to feed their greed…and swindled more than $2.6 million in wages from their enslaved workers.”

Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, took it a step further. She accused the franchise owners of running “a modern-day plantation system, with themselves as overseers.”

But here’s the glaring irony in all of this…

If Barack Obama wants to look the other way while illegal immigrants stream across the border to take “jobs Americans don’t want,” then why is his administration still busting business owners who hire these illegals?

Slavery: The Islamic Way of Life?

Obama is missing one crucial factor in this case.

All of the store owners charged with the crime are immigrants – and were raised in a different culture.

Under Sharia law, which governs much of the Islamic world, slavery is legal and still practiced.

Yes, slavery is abhorrent to Americans because of the morals we were all taught as children.

On the other hand, Islamic law teaches that slavery is an important part of Islam’s advancement.

After all, Mohammed owned slaves. Selling captives from war into slavery was a lucrative side business and funded many of Islam’s military campaigns. Over the last 1,400 years, Islamic slave traders have enslaved about 180 million Africans. The idea has become so common that the Arabic even have a word for it: “abd,” which means both African and slave.

Due to these deeply imbedded beliefs, soldiers are encouraged to take women captive after battle. The Quran includes this passage:

“And [also prohibited to you are all] married women except those your right hands possess. [This is] the decree of Allah upon you.” (Sura 4:24)



Sharia Law in the Western World

Aware of this issue, some Western countries with large Islamic populations, such as the U.K., have set up what are called Islamic family law courts. Though the United States has no Islamic courts, judges have begun to consider Islamic law in their decisions.

And since law is always in a state of transition, we need to be ever vigilant to make sure none of these concepts gain a foothold in the United States. But as we have increasing Islamic populations emigrating from the Middle East, the risk grows.

What’s more concerning, in spite of U.S. law, Islamic immigrants will engage in practices like enslavement simply because they were never taught it was wrong, and believe it to be a moral practice.

Currently, Britain is having a problem with gang rapes by Islamic men who have never been taught the Western, or dare I say, “Christian,” tradition of respect for women.




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