Shuttered CA Nuclear Power Plant to Become Dumping Ground For Nuclear Waste

San Diego's San Onofre nuclear power plant has been standing but not operating for nearly four years now. After a small incident in January 2012, the nuclear generating station was shut down and has ever since remained closed. Natural News has now uncovered some details regarding the plant's safety record prior to its closure, and the news isn't good.

The plant's safety protocol was so bad, in fact, that inspectors even refused to survey the generators due to fears for their own health and safety.

Now that the plant's future operations remain in doubt, an eye has been turned toward where to store its nuclear waste. Previous efforts have been made to get all the nation's nuclear waste stored far away from populous cities, in the mountains of Nevada. That has apparently proved too difficult to accomplish, and it has now been proposed that the nuclear waste generated by the San Onofore Nuclear Generating Stations be stored right along San Diego's pristine shoreline.

To see how close to the beach they want to store this highly radioactive material, continue reading on the next page.

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