Shuttered CA Nuclear Power Plant to Become Dumping Ground For Nuclear Waste

Natural News recently uncovered documents regarding the safety of the San Onofroe nuclear power plant in San Diego, Ca. The news they uncovered is shocking:

The documents showed that radiation levels at the plant had regularly been so high that Nuclear Regulatory inspectors often refused to perform routine radiation surveys, fearing for their safety.

Nuclear power industry expert Joe Hopenfeld said that the notes reveal that the plant was “very, very sloppy, very very careless in handling radioactive material.”

Furthermore, the notes fail to reveal exactly which locations had the highest levels of radiation. “You have hot spots, you don’t know what they are,” Hopenfield said. “This is an indication of the mentality and the culture at the time at [the plant].”

“We still don’t know how high those radiation levels were,” said Charles Langley, a whistleblower who once worked for the Utility Consumers’ Action Network. “And if Edison gets its way, we will never know… The answer is probably worse than we think.”

Waste to be stored a stone’s throw from beach

Former San Onofre Safety Officer Vinrod Arora warned that before any plans move forward for the future of the property, it should undergo a thorough and independent inspection. “Be very careful of the goods they accept from Edison with the blessings of the NRC,” Arora warned.

The current plan for the property consists of turning at least part of it into a supposedly temporary storage site for nuclear waste. The county has already approved a plan to bury concrete bunkers filled with radioactive waste within 125 feet of the beach. The permit only allows the waste to be stored there for 20 years, but it does not specify what must happen after that time.

If it wasn’t enough that a nuclear power plant was built on the edge of pristine shoreline, the incompetence of the management now threatens the shoreline itself. Now rather than producing much-needed energy, the site will simply be a dumping ground for highly toxic, radioactive waste.

Source: Natural News


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